Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Name the Zebra

Jürgen and I discovered this Zebra once while running up around Rhodes Memorial early one morning. This picture was taken by Kath in Feb when she visited. Jürgen and I took her and Terry up to visit Zebra.

I love this picture because it captures a playfulness that I enjoy about life and long for sometimes in the stress of a day. It is currently set as my wallpaper.

Phoebe, the dog, is not so sure about the Zebra. She was chased by a zebra when she was younger. She chased some deer, who it seems, have a simple strategy when it comes to such eventualities. The deer run straight for the zebra. The zebra are not afraid of Phoebes so they chased Phoebe. Quite a sight to see zebras chasing a dog chasing deer.

Zebra and Phoebe have made peace now.

I am trying to think of a clever name for Zebra. All suggestions welcome.

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Murray & Gina UK said...

I thought Zebra was quite original... you can't go wrong:
"this is our local zebra, she's called Zebra", "why did you call her that?", "well... it was either that or Chandler, and we already called the dog Phoebe..."