Thursday, September 21, 2006

"President Katie caught napping"

Statement from the Honourable President Katherine Jeanne Andrews:

Rumours that I have been reneging on my responsibilities are to be seen as spurious by those loyal constituents who would like to remain bodily intact. The photo published in certain unscrupulous publications was taken out of context. The Minister of Sport and Recreation arranged a day’s outing in the mountains and I can be seen here enjoying the fresh air. Any further comment on this issue will be entertained by the Minister of Security and National Director of the Secret Police.

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Murray & Gina UK said...

It looks like the Minister of Censoring and Public Transport has removed the offending photograph. We will have to simply imagine the horrors it must have shown.

Perhaps this Governmental Action has only affected International publications...

bvjtzl-the sound a laptop makes as it destroys sensitive anti-establishment photographs