Wednesday, April 05, 2006


President Katie had her first year check up last Wednesday. While in the waiting room, she got a hold of this pushcart with blocks and walked herself around the waiting room like a pro. Her Cabinet are at once excited and nervous of these new abilities. Given her startling ability to disappear on all fours, we shudder to imagine the potential of bipedal locomotion.

While waiting for the doc (Carl), Katie made friends with a little baby boy sitting placidly in his carry-car-seat thingy. She crawled right in next to him and made herself comfortable. I prayed fervently that she wouldn’t bite him. Fortunately he took a shining to her and was quite upset when his mom removed him for his own appointment.

Carl was pleased with her progress, with many assurances to her nervous parents. Even with Carl’s teddy bear persona, his scrutiny of our family’s private life feels worse than writing matric. Katie loved having her heart listened to, remaining quite still as Carl moved the disc of his stethoscope around her chest. I think she has a crush on him…

She got a chicken pox jab. Horrible. Lots of shouting and tears, but recovered quickly and still had eyes for Carl, much to his surprise.

Gush… yes, she is cute. Send me an email if you want a small video of Katie doing her Presidential walk-about in the doc’s waiting room.


Jürgen said...

Hi Greg,

it appears that you are going to be a very jealous father, when dating becomes serious...
Hey, what can I say, she is cute.

Mom said...

I got the video from Kath this morning! SO Cute. You had a cart very similar to that one, Greg that you used to learn to walk!
(President Katie's Granny : )